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Icelandic woman in traditional dress

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This picture was taken from the periodical Le Magasin Pittoresque, Paris, 1837.

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This picture shows a stereotype or, in other words, a character that only exists through its outward characteristics. In that respect, it is very similar to fashion plates, or to some of the popular images sold by peddlers. And the approach here hasn't evolved much since, for example, the documentary drawings of the same kind made by Albrecht Dürer.
This outfit of an Icelandic women is described as follows:

On celebration days, their dress is adorned with silver embroidery and velvet stripes; their sheepskin shoes are decorated with bows, and they wear a silver belt and a corset enriched with silver braids; they wear a silk tie around their neck and an embroidered velvet collar. On Those days, they cover their hair and wrap their head in a piece of silk, from the top of which a thick band of fabric rises and curls forward.

Keywords: Iceland, clothes, dress, hat, outfit, traditional, Magasin Pittoresque, characters

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