The two opponents remained motionless…

With a leap, he swooped on Laubespin
The two opponents remained motionless for some time, facing and watching each other with mutual vigilance. At the end, a burning flush spread over Brousselle’s cheeks, and blood seemed to spurt out of his bloodshot eyes, along with his infuriated look. At the same time, with a leap as quick as that of a starving tiger spotting a prey, he …Read more »

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The two enemies looked at each other…

A man on a horse meets a man in a carriage
The two enemies looked at each other silently. Each of them seemed to be waiting for the other one to provoke him. From the muted rage spread over Brousselle’s face, one could have thought for a moment that some deadly insult was about to shoot from his tense white lips. This didn’t happen, though. After a violent but short inner struggle, Laure’s stepfather managed to hold back his fury. He soon smiled proudly, as a man who was able to …Read more »

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O terror!

The tiger was there, climbing and hungry for blood
The tiger, in fact, had not rolled all the way down to the bottom: a large protruding rock had stopped it some twenty feet from the edge. Its claws had done the rest, and now it was there, standing against the trunk of the tree and climbing, the eyes on fire, its mouth open, hungry for blood.
And yet Robert-Robert felt less frightened this time, because …Read more »

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The Raft Could Take On All Of The Survivors

survivors on a raft
The boarding took place in good order. The raft could take on all the survivors.
They were nearly five hundred the day before.
Now they were only eighty-two.
Among those were the captain, the doctor, Simon Barigoule, the Parisian, Squirrel, the big Flandrin, Lavenette, Griffard and Robert-Robert.
It was time they left the deck of La Rapide. The transfer …Read more »

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Perfectly happy

Girl putting ribbon bows in her hair
And yet isn’t she perfectly happy ? Her room looks like a small chapel. You know I often lack servants, but I manage without them and no one could tell. All is neat and tidy, everything is squeaky clean in the house. You can certainly say that Perrine has the most pleasant interior. Would you believe she doesn’t even seem …Read more »

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His vague glance hovered for a long time over the sea…

His vague glance hovered for a long time over the sea
Aramis bit his lips. “Nothing! nothing! Your pardon, I meant to say…”
“That if we were inclined – if we took a fancy to make an excursion by
sea, we could not.”
“Very good! and why should that vex you? A fine pleasure, ma foi! For my part, I don’t regret it at all. What I regret is certainly not the more or less amusement we can find at Belle-Isle; what I regret, Aramis, is Pierrefonds; is Bracieux; is le Valon; is my beautiful France! Here weare not in France, my dear friend; we are – I know not where. Oh! I tell you …Read more »

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My friend, the only friend I have, speak…

My friend, speak...
“What sort of a person do you take me for?”
“What do you mean?”
“If you know anything, why conceal it from me? If you do not know anything, why did you write so warningly?”
“True, true, I was very wrong, and I regret having done so, Raoul. It seems nothing to write to a friend and say ‘Come;’ but to have this friend face to face, to feel him tremble, and breathlessly and anxiously wait to hear what one hardly dare tell him, is very different.”
“Dare! I have courage enough, if …Read more »

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