The Raft Could Take On All Of The Survivors

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survivors on a raft
The boarding took place in good order. The raft could take on all the survivors.
They were nearly five hundred the day before.
Now they were only eighty-two.
Among those were the captain, the doctor, Simon Barigoule, the Parisian, Squirrel, the big Flandrin, Lavenette, Griffard and Robert-Robert.
It was time they left the deck of La Rapide. The transfer …Read more »

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An episode of the loss of the Dunbar

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The wreck of the Dunbar
The latest news from Australia let us know of the loss, with all hands, of the english ship Dunbar, which ran aground one mile away from Port Jackson, in the night of 20th to 21st of August 1857, during a hurricane that had been lasting since the 18th.
Here are some details about this shipwreck, from which only one crew member of the Dunbar escaped, out of one hundred and twenty people, including both crew and passengers, who were on board at the time of the disaster.
The Dunbar, 1,321 tons, had left Plymouth under Captain …Read more »

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Typhoon in Macao

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Typhoon in Macao
We know typhoons are impetuous winds that blow in several directions at the same time and cause terrible disturbances, particularly at sea, where it becomes impossible to steer. The Greek word tuphein, which means burn, ignite, is an image of the effects generated by typhoons, whose name derives from the greek verb.
A typhoon violently hit Caste-to-Peak Bay on the night of 30 September to 1 October. The inland port of Macao has been …Read more »

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