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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​b|Definitions under B]]
 +====== Bearer ======
 +A piece of [[r:​reglet|reglet]] pasted on the [[f:​frisket|frisket]] to ease any particular part in a [[f:​form|form]] that has too much pressure on it from the [[p:​platen|platen]] of the press. — //M//.\\
 +[[d:​double-pica|Double Pica]] reglet is used for this purpose, as its thickness is equal to the difference between the height of the types and the [[f:​furniture|furniture]];​ and this application of it makes this sized reglet in general a scarce article in a printing office. ​
 +Where any parts of the impression of a form [[c:​comes-off|come off]], which from various causes occasionally happens, particularly at the edges of the pages, and at the[[f:​foot-page| foot]] of a [[s:​short-page|short page]], a bearer is applied to ease that part; but some care however is required in its application — it must not bear upon any printed matter at the back of it, for if it does, it will smear and deface that part, nor is it necessary to place it close to the part, but it may be put at some distance, and if convenient near the outer edge of the paper, and made to rest on the flat part of the furniture.
 +After selecting a piece of reglet of the proper length, paste one side of it, and place it with the pasted side uppermost upon the furniture where it is required, then turn down the [[t:​tympan|tympans]] and frisket and rub that part with the hand to make it adhere to the frisket; or, as is usually done, after the form is [[b:​beat|beat]],​ when the next [[p:​pull|pull]] will make it adhere; if it be not quite sufficient, a thickness or two of a wrapper pasted on it will ease the pull sufficiently on that part. 
 +//High Bearers//, are pieces of furniture made barely letter height; they are used where separate wood cuts are printed, or very small forms; they are placed on the [[p:​press-stone|press stone]], usually pasted down, but at such a distance from the printed [[m:​matter|matter]] that neither the [[b:​balls|balls]] nor the [[r:​roller|rollers]] touch them in inking the form; they lighten the pressure on the extremities,​ and tend to equalize the pull if the [[c:​carriage|carriage]] be not run in exactly to its place, by the platen bearing upon them. If they be not sufficiently high, they may be added to by [[o:​overlays|overlays]] pasted upon them. 
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