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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​b|Definitions under B]]
 +====== Binding ======
 +In locking-up a [[f:​form|form]],​ if the [[h:​head-stick|head-stick]] be longer than the width of the page and the thickness of the [[b:​back-composing-stick|back-stick]];​ or the side or [[f:​footstick|foot stick]] extend beyond the page and the other be a little too long; or any part of the [[f:​furniture|furniture]] double over some other part, so as to prevent the [[q:​quoins|quoins]] wedging the [[m:​matter|matter]] tight, it is termed //Binding: the head-stick binds; the [[s:​side-stick|side-sticks]] bind, &c.// — //​M//​. ​