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Blocked Up

Letter is said to be blocked-up, when in the progress of a work it is all composed, and from any cause none of the forms can be worked to disengage part of it, in order to proceed.

This may arise — from the Author not returning the proofs regularly — from the Reader not reading them for press — from a flush of presswork in other works — from the non-attendance or negligence of the pressmen — or from compositors, in a companionship, keeping each too much copy in his hands, whereby all the letter is composed before they join their matter. From whatever cause it arises it is a great detriment, and unhinges the regular train of work, and ought always to be avoided as much as possible.

The term is also applied when the Pressmen use too much ink in working a form; and when a form has been neglected to be washed, and the ink left to dry on the face — It is blocked-up with ink.

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