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 +====== Bolster ======
 +A piece of stout leather strap nailed to the near long rib of a wooden press, at the fore end, and padded under so as to raise it sufficiently high; its use is to check the running out of the [[c:​carriage|carriage]],​ by friction, at the proper place to permit the [[t:​tympan|tympan]] to rise clear of the [[p:​platen|platen]],​ when the [[p:​pressman|pressmen]] are in a train of work, a similar piece being nailed under the carriage. In iron presses a bar projects between the ribs on which is secured an inclined plane of wood, and in some iron presses a spring is screwed on the near long rib for the purpose. It prevents the sudden jerk upon the [[b:​back-stay|back stay]], and also upon the carriage when it is [[r:​run-out|run out]]. ​