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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​b|Definitions under B]]
 +====== Bolts ======
 +The pieces of [[f:​furniture|furniture]] that are placed between the [[h:​head-line|head lines]] of the pages in a form of twelves, to form the[[m:​margin| margin]] at the head of the pages, are called //​Bolts//​. ​
 +The bolts are cut to the width of the page, so that the [[g:​gutter|gutters]] go a little way between them, and secure the sides of the pages the whole length: I would recommend to the [[c:​compositor|compositor]] to cut his bolts square at the ends, and of such a length that they shall go into the measure of his [[c:​composing-stick|composing stick]] easily; he will thus prevent the [[f:​folio|folios]] or any letters at the extremities of the head lines falling down, as well as the bolts [[b:​binding|binding]] against the gutters.