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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​b|Definitions under B]]
 +====== Brayer ======
 +<WRAP right centeralign bottom>​{{:​b:​brayer.png?​direct|A Brayer }}\\
 +A Brayer <wrap magnify>​[[http://​​img/​brayer-290.png|{{:​wiki:​magnify.png|Enlarge}}]]</​wrap></​WRAP>​
 +A round wooden rubber with an upright handle, almost of the fashion of a [[b:​ball-stocks|ball stock]], but solid and flat at the bottom, and not above three inches in diameter. It is used on the [[i:​ink-block|ink block]], to bray or rub out ink with so as to spread it out in such a manner that a small quantity may be taken up when the ball is pressed upon the block, tolerably diffused upon the surface, and not in a mass, which causes the ink to be more expeditiously distributed,​ with less risk of making [[m:​monk|monks]] and [[f:​friar|friars]]. ​