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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​c|Definitions under C]]
 +====== Cards ======
 +About a [[q:​quire|quire]] of paper, which pressmen use to pull down the [[s:​spring-form|spring]] or rising of a form, which it is many times subject to by hard locking up. — //M//.\\
 +The term is also applied to pieces of[[s:​scaleboard| scaleboard]],​ old felted hat, or pasteboard, for they are all called cards, cut to the size of the mortises in the [[c:​cheeks|cheeks]] of a wooden press, and laid in them, under the tenons of the[[w:​winter| winter]], and above those of the [[h:​head|head]],​ to cause a spring in both these parts, for the purpose of [[s:​soft-pull|softening the pull]]. I would never place any cards under the winter, for the reasons assigned under that article. //See// [[w:​winter|Winter]]. ​