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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​c|Definitions under C]]
 +====== Cast Off Copy ======
 +[[c:​counting-off-copy|Counting]] or Casting off Copy (for both phrases are indifferently used) is to examine and find how much either of printed copy will come in into any intended number of sheets of a different [[b:​body|body]] or measure from the [[c:​copy|copy]];​ or how much written copy will make an intended number of sheets of any assigned body and [[m:​measure|measure]]. — //M//.\\
 +It is also used to ascertain how many sheets of a given sized page and letter any quantity of prepared copy will make. 
 +This is generally done by [[c:​composing|composing]] a line or two of the copy, if it be manuscript, selected from the part that appears about the average mode of writing, and ascertaining how many lines of the printed or manuscript copy will make [[e:​even-lines|even lines]] in the proposed size; thus, if 10 lines of copy make 7 lines, or 7 lines of copy make 10 lines, the quantity is easily calculated. Allowance must of course be made for chapter heads, [[s:​short-page|short pages]], and any [[w:​white-paper|whites]] that may occur.