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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​c|Definitions under C]]
 +====== Clearing Pie ======
 +To separate from each other in the confused mass, and assort the different kinds and sizes of types, and to [[d:​distribute|distribute]] them into their respective[[c:​case| cases]]; if there be a large quantity of any particular [[f:​fount|fount]],​ or founts, it is usual to [[c:​composing|compose]] them into pages, and, if the letter be not wanted, to [[p:​paper-up-letter|paper it up]]; when that fount is brought into use, a proportionate quantity of[[p:​pie|pie]] is given to each [[c:​compositor|compositor]] to distribute. ​
 +This is generally the work of the apprentices during any slackness of business. A quantity of pie is placed on the [[i:​imposing-stone|imposing stone]], or, if that cannot be spared for the purpose, on a [[l:​letter-board|letter board]] upon a [[b:​bulk|bulk]],​ and each fount is separated from the other; they are then composed into lines, and either distributed or papered up: although it may appear a roundabout way to compose it, it in reality saves time, as the composed [[m:​matter|matter]] is distributed with greater facility. In large establishments the[[r:​reader| reading]] boys assort pie at their leisure time.