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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​c|Definitions under C]]
 +====== Clearing Stone ======
 +It is a general rule that every person shall, under a penalty, after [[i:​imposing|imposing]] or [[c:​correcting|correcting]],​ leave a clear stone; that is, the [[m:​mallet|mallet]],​ [[s:​shooting-stick|shooting-stick]],​[[f:​furniture| furniture]],​ [[q:​quoins|quoins]],​ [[s:​saw|saw]],​ [[s:​saw-block|sawblock]],​ and [[s:​shears|shears]],​ are to be put in their proper places; any good letters that may be scattered about, distributed;​ and the bad letters put into the [[s:​shoe|shoe]],​ so that there shall be no impediment to the next person using it. Any of the articles used, or two letters, left on it will render him liable to the fine.