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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​c|Definitions under C]]
 +====== Coffin ======
 +That part of a wooden press, in which the stone is bedded.
 +[[t:​type-founders|Type Founders]] usually send small quantities of [[s:​sorts|sorts]] in brown paper made into a cone, and twisted at the small end, similar in shape to what grocers use for small articles; where there are no [[f:​fount-cases|fount cases]], or where they are [[c:​case-full|full]],​ [[c:​compositor|compositors]] do the same with superfluous sorts; these conical papers are called //​Coffins//​. ​
 +The [[f:​frame|frame]] and bottom of a [[s:​slice|slice]] galley, into which the slice slides, is also called the coffin. //See// [[g:​galley|Galley]]. ​