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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​c|Definitions under C]]
 +====== Compositor'​s Book ======
 +To prevent mistakes, confused bills, and disputes in [[c:​companionship|companionships]],​ and with the employer, it is essentially necessary that a [[c:​compositor|compositor]] should keep an account of the work that he does, and it is still better that he should be able to ascertain on the instant how much he has composed of any work that he is employed upon; the quantity in each [[s:​signature|signature]];​ the number of pages charged, and in what signatures; and the [[f:​form|forms]] he has [[i:​imposing|imposed]],​ and the signatures. The following form, it is presumed, will accomplish this object in a simple and easy manner. ​
 +<WRAP centerimg centeralign>​{{:​c:​compositors-book.png?​direct|Example for a compositor'​s book form}}\\
 +Example for a Compositor'​s Book Form <wrap magnify>​[[http://​​img/​compositors-book-large.png|{{:​wiki:​magnify.png|Enlarge}}]]</​wrap></​WRAP>​