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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​c|Definitions under C]]
 +====== Condition ======
 +Balls are said to be in condition, or good condition, when they [[l:​lug|lug]],​ and the [[i:​ink|ink]] is distributed easily and uniformly on their surface; that is, when they are neither too hard nor too soft: when they are either the one or the other, they are said to be in bad condition. //See// [[b:​balls|Balls]]. This also applies to[[r:​roller| rollers]]. ​
 +[[p:​paper|Paper]] is said to be in good condition when it has received a proper degree of moisture, been laid a day or two between the [[p:​paper-board|boards]] or in a [[h:​heap|heap]],​ with weights upon the top board, then turned, which changes the parts in contact, and replaced under the weights for another day, so that the moisture shall be uniformly diffused and equal through the whole quantity of paper to be printed.