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 +====== Cope's Press ======
 +<wrap small-caps>​[[a:​albion-press|The Albion]]</​wrap>​. This is the production of Richard Whittaker Cope, and is an iron press. The power is produced entirely by levers, which, by means of two strong iron links attached to the[[h:​head| head]], and working at the bottom on what is called the [[l:​lug|lugs]],​ communicate the power to the[[p:​platen| platen]], and thus produce the [[i:​impression-sheet|impression]]:​ on the return of the [[b:​bar|bar]] the platen is lifted from the [[f:​face-letter|face]] of the types by means of a spiral spring fixed on the head of the press.
 +I have repeatedly broken the links, when they were guaranteed to withstand any force in working the press that could be applied to it. On the death of Mr. Cope, the business was continued by trustees for the benefit of the family, and is under the immediate management of Mr. John Hopkinson, who has very much improved this press by taking away the links, and remodelling it: the principle, on the present construction,​ is the same as that of Sherwin and Cope's [[s:​sherwin-copes-press|Imperial press]], with some variation in the application of the [[c:​cap|cap]] or knuckle, and also in the adjusting wedges, the screw of which to regulate the pull is at the near side of the piston.