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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​c|Definitions under C]]
 +====== Correct ======
 +When the [[c:​corrector|corrector]] reads the [[p:​proof|proof]],​ or the [[c:​compositor|compositor]] mends the faults he marked in the proof, they are both said to correct; the corrector the proof, the compositor the [[f:​form|form]]. —// M//.\\
 +In the first case, it is now styled reading the proof; in the next, the compositor has to put right the errors and mistakes he has made in the workmanship,​ previously to the sheet being sent to the author or editor; this he does by [[p:​picks|picking out]] the wrong letters or words by means of a sharp [[b:​bodkin|bodkin]],​ and replacing them with the right ones; but if he have left an [[o:​out|out]] or made a [[d:​double|double]],​ he then takes the [[m:​matter|matter]] into the [[c:​composing-stick|composing stick]], and [[o:​overrun|over-runs]] it till he comes to the end of a paragraph; or the error may make one or more even lines, when the trouble is much lessened; still the length of the page must be had in view and kept right, either by [[b:​branching-out|branching out]] where it will admit of it, or by [[d:​drive-out|driving]] a line or two out, or getting a line or two in in the adjoining pages, according to circumstances,​ but never to make even lines too suddenly so as to cause the spacing to be unsightly, by being too [[s:​set-up-close|close]],​ or too [[s:​sets-wide|wide]],​ for the sake of saving a little trouble in over-running a few lines. ​
 +For the regularity and despatch of business a compositor should never delay correcting after he has received the proof: it causes disappointment to the author or proprietors of the work, and injures his employer in his business, by obtaining for him the character of want of regularity and punctuality;​ it injures the [[p:​pressman|pressmen]],​ by delaying the forms going to press; and it ultimately injures himself, by causing him to [[s:​stand-still|stand still]] for want of letter. It is a general rule in printing offices, that a compositor should always [[i:​imposing|impose]] as soon as the sheet on which he is at work is out and [[m:​make-up|made up]], and that he also should correct his proof without loss of time. //See// [[a:​authors-proof|Author'​s Proof]]. [[f:​first-proof|First Proof]]. ​