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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​d|Definitions under D]]
 +====== Devil ======
 +The [[p:​pressman|pressman]] sometimes has a week boy to take sheets, as they are printed, off the [[t:​tympan|tympan]]:​ these boys do in a printing house commonly black and daub themselves; whence the workmen do jocosely call them //Devils//; and sometimes //​Spirits//,​ and sometimes //Flies//. — //M//.\\
 +The boys that make the fires, sweep the rooms, assist in the warehouse, and go on errands, are now called //​[[d:​devil|Devils]]//,​ or //Printers Devils//; but in the trade they are generally styled //Errand Boys// and //Warehouse Boys//. //See// [[f:​fly|Fly]]. ​