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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​d|Definitions under D]]
 +====== Double Letters ======
 +Æ, oe, <wrap times fontsize-12em>​**ſt**</​wrap>,​ {{:​d:​sh-ligature.png?​17|SH ligature}}, and several others cast on one [[s:​shank|shank]],​ are called double letters: ſ and f have several [[a:​ascending-letters|ascending letters]] joined to them, because their beaks hanging over their stems would (were they not cast on one shank) ride upon the tops of the stems of the adjoining ascending letters. — //​M//​.\\ ​
 +By discarding the ſ, we have lessened the number of our double letters, which are now reduced to the diphthongs æ  and œ , and to <wrap times fontsize-12em>​**ff**</​wrap>,​ <wrap times fontsize-12em>​**fi**</​wrap>,​ <wrap times fontsize-12em>​**fl**</​wrap>,​{{:​c:​ffi-ligature.png?​15|ffi ligature}}, and {{:​b:​ffl-ligature.png?​15|ffl ligature}}, which are so termed by printers. ​