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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​d|Definitions under D]]
 +====== Draw ======
 +When a [[f:​form|form]] is working at press, and any of the letters are loosely [[j:​justifying-lines|justified]],​ or from any other cause are not tight in the form, and the adhesion of the [[i:​ink|ink]] and [[b:​balls|balls]] or [[r:​roller|rollers]] pulls them out, they are said to [[d:​draw|draw]].
 +This accident too frequently occurs; and as it is not always perceived, errors arise which neither the care nor the skill of the [[r:​reader|reader]] can prevent; when it is perceived, after an impression or two have been pulled, the [[p:​pressman|pressmen]] often put the letters into the wrong place, and thus cause an error. They are occasionally left by the ball on the form, and produce a [[b:​batter|batter]],​ which is a waste of materials, and of time in repairing it. A good [[c:​compositor|compositor]] guards against this evil by care in justifying his lines, and also in [[l:​locking-up|locking up]].