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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​d|Definitions under D]]
 +====== Dropping Out ======
 +After a [[f:​form|form]] is [[l:​locking-up|locked up]], and, when it is being [[l:​lift|lifted]] from the stone, or being laid upon the [[i:​imposing-stone|imposing stone]], or the press, any letters, spaces, or [[q:​quadrats|quadrats]] fall out, it is said something drops out, or something has dropped out; this may arise from some of the lines being badly [[j:​justifying-lines|justified]] — some of the leads[[r:​rides| riding]] — or some of the[[f:​furniture| furniture]] [[b:​binding|binding]] — or similar causes — and frequently produces errors at press by other letters [[d:​draw|drawing]] out. //See// [[f:​form-dances|Form Dances]]. ​
 +In this case, before the form is put to press, it should be examined to ascertain the cause, and any impediment to its safety should be removed. ​