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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​f|Definitions under F]]
 +====== Falling Out ======
 +The same as [[d:​dropping out|Dropping Out]], which //see//. But this term is more generally applied to a page, a quarter, or a whole [[f:​form|form]],​ when any one of them falls out of a [[c:​chase|chase]] from the shrinking of the [[q:​quoins|quoins]] and [[f:​furniture|furniture]]. ​
 +In summer time particularly,​ forms in chase require to be frequently examined, and the quoins tightened, to prevent this accident, and more especially when they have been [[i:​imposing|imposed]] in wet furniture. [[c:​compositor|Compositors]] should neither be negligent, nor forgetful of this, as in the progress of a work the forms are in their charge, and if the whole of a form, or part of it, falls out, they not only have to [[d:​distribute|distribute]] the[[p:pie| pie]], but to recompose the matter gratuitously. ​