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 +====== Folding ======
 +In the warehouse. As the person who[[c:​collate| collates]] the books turns them, the [[g:​gather-books|gatherings]] lie ready to be folded, and as they are pushed a little over each other they are readily taken up separately; they are [[k:​knock-up|knocked up]] at the ends and sides, and evenly folded in the back, which is rubbed down with a folder; after this, from a dozen to twenty-five gatherings in thickness are knocked up together and put into the press, which is thus filled and screwed down. After lying a sufficient time in the press, they are taken out and are ready for [[b:​booking|booking]]. ​
 +Books are never folded across a page; of course some require to be folded the shortest way of the paper, and some the longest way.