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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​f|Definitions under F]]
 +====== Follow ======
 +//See if it follows//, is a term used as well by the [[c:​corrector|corrector]],​ as by the [[c:​compositor|compositor]] and [[p:​pressman|pressman]]. It is used by the corrector and compositor when they examine how the beginning [[m:​matter|matter]] of a succeeding page agrees with the ending matter of a precedent page: and how the [[f:​folio|folios]] of those pages properly and numerically follow and succeed one another, lest the pages should be transposed. But the pressman only examines that the folio and beginning word of the second page, and signature of the first and third page (when the [[r:​reiteration|reiteration]] is on the press) follow the folio and direction of the [[f:​first-page|first page]], and the signature of the third page follows the signature of the first page, orderly according to the volume, lest the form should be laid wrong on the press. — //​M//​. ​