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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​f|Definitions under F]]
 +====== Form Dances ======
 +When the lines have not been well [[j:​justifying|justified]],​ or if any thing at the ends prevents them being tight when [[l:​locking-up|locked up]], so that when the [[c:​compositor|compositor]] tries if the [[f:​form|form]] will [[f:​form-lifts|lift]],​ and finds that [[q:​quadrats|quadrats]],​ letters, and spaces, or any of them drop down and will not [[f:​form-rises|rise]],​ it is said, //the Form dances//. — //​M//​.\\ ​
 +This term is more properly applied to a form when, in being lifted from the[[i:​imposing-stone| stone]], letters, spaces, or quadrats, will drop lower down than their proper situation, without entirely disengaging themselves from the form; this frequently happens.