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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​f|Definitions under F]]
 +====== Frisket ======
 +A thin iron frame, covered with paper, and connected temporarily with the [[t:​tympan|tympan]],​ by means of [[j:​joints|joints]] attached to it and the headband of the tympan, having iron pins to slip into them. The parts that are to be printed are cut out of the paper covering; it turns down upon the paper to be printed, which is laid upon the tympan, keeps it flat to its place, preserves the [[m:​margin|margin]] clean, and raises it from the [[f:​form|form]] after it is printed. //See// [[f:frisket button|Frisket Button]]. ​
 +Each press in a printing office should have five or six friskets attached to it, of at least three sizes — Demy, as the standard size of paper; a size smaller; and a size sufficient for the largest form the press will print, for it is very inconvenient,​ and a loss of time, when the [[p:​pressman|pressmen]] have to cover a frisket and cut it out for every form they [[l:​lay-on|lay on]]: and more particularly when regular work is in the house, and the same frisket will answer for many succeeding forms. It is adviseable, where it is practicable,​ to have the frisket joints at all the presses of one pattern, so that every frisket may be available at any of the presses. ​
 +A pressman should never pull an impression from a form, without being certain that the frisket is large enough, and that it does not rest on the edges of the [[t:​types|types]],​ which would be destructive to them.