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When the points tear the point holes at press, they, say, they are Gulled, or the Holes Gull. This may arise from two or three causes — if the point of the spur be turned again, it will cause it — in cast iron chases the groove to receive the spur is generally too wide, this may also cause it — and if the spur does not fall fairly into the groove, this may be another cause: the remedy is not difficult, unless the paper be very tender.

In the first case, the spur ought to be filed to a smooth tapering point — in the second, it is usual to wedge a bit of reglet into the groove, to cut it down to the surface of the cross, and to make a hole in it with a bodkin for the reception of the spur — in the last, it is necessary that the spur fall fairly into the groove. If the fault arises from the bluntness and thickness of the spurs, they must be filed smaller and to a point.

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