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Hard Pull

In justifying the head of a press for a short pull, which is done by putting solid blocks of wood into the mortises of the cheeks, it is called an Hard Pull. — M.
This relates to wooden presses; but, instead of the blocks of wood, scaleboard is now used, additional pieces of which are put into the mortises, by lowering the head, which is again tightly screwed up: in the Stanhope Press, and in Clymer's, it is accomplished by shortening the coupling bar, by means of a screw; in Cogger's press, by a screw through the head; and in Cope's press, by putting pieces of plate iron upon the crown of the platen. In Sherwin and Cope's Imperial press, by turning a screw attached to a wedge placed in the front, above the spindle; Mr. Hopkinson has adopted the same method in Cope's press, placed on the near side.

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