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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​h|Definitions under H]]
 +====== Heap ======
 +So many [[r:​ream|reams]] or [[q:​quire|quires]] as are set out by the warehouse-keeper for the [[p:​pressman|pressman]] to wet, is called a //Heap//; but then it is called a dry heap, till the pressman have wet it, and then it is indeed called a //Heap//. — //​M//​. ​
 +When paper is given out for a work, and wetted, it is called a heap, and retains that name till it is made up into books. ​
 +In [[g:​gathering|gathering]] the printed sheets in the warehouse, all the sheets of each [[s:​signature|signature]] are placed upon the [[g:​gathering-table|gathering table]], arranged in their regular order, except it be a long number, and then about a bundle of each; each signature in this situation is called a heap.