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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​h|Definitions under H]]
 +====== Hours ======
 +[[p:​pressman|Pressmen]] reckon their works by hours, accounting every [[t:​token|token]] to an hours work: and though it be the same effectually with tokens, yet they make their prices of different work by the hour; and it passes current for a token. If two men work at the press, ten [[q:​quire|quires]] is an hour; if one man, five quires is an hour. — //M//.\\
 +The quires of paper at this time always contain twenty-four sheets, at least the inside quires do, which alone are used for bookwork; and a token is ten quires eighteen sheets, which is still called an Hour, whatever the price may be: thus, if two men at a press print twelve tokens of paper in a day, they say, they have done twelve hours; and if it be fine work, at which, through the care bestowed on it, they can only print three tokens, or four tokens, they say, they do three hours, or four hours, in a day; although it takes the same time in performing that the twelve tokens did.