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5 Geo. 3. c. 46. s. 19. “And be it further declared and enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all printed Indentures, Covenants, Articles, or Contracts, for binding Clerks or Apprentices in Great Britain, after the said fifth Day of July, one thousand seven hundred and sixty-five, shall have the following Notice or Memorandum printed under the same; videlicet,

“The Indenture, Covenant, Article, or Contract, must bear Date the Day it is executed; and what Money or other Thing is given or contracted for with the Clerk or Apprentice, must be inserted in Words at length; and the Duty paid to the Stamp Office, if in London, or within the Weekly Bills of Mortality, within one Month after the Execution, and if in the Country, and out of the said Bills of Mortality, within two Months, to a Distributor of the Stamps, or his Substitute; otherwise the Indenture will be void, the Master or Mistress forfeit fifty Pounds, and another Penalty, and the Apprentice be disabled to follow his Trade, or be made free.”

“And if any Printer, Stationer, or other Person or Persons, shall sell, or cause to be sold, any such Indenture, Covenant, Article, or Contract, without such Notice or Memorandum being printed under the same; then, and in every such Case, such Printer, Stationer, or other Person or Persons, shall, for every such Offence, forfeit the Sum of ten Pounds.”

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