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Knock Up a Letter

It sometimes happens with old letter, that a letter may be worn so low that it will not print well in a page; the workman then takes that letter out of the form, and holds the shank of it upon the side of the chase, and with the head of the shooting stick beats lightly upon the foot of the shank, till he have battered metal enough out of the shank, to raise it higher against paper; if it prove too high against paper, he rubs the bottom of the shank upon the side of the chase, to rub it down. This operation seldom happens, unless another of the same sort of letter is wanting, and hard to come by: for else the compositor will bow the letter, and pop it into a waste box in his case, where he puts all naughty letters, that he may not be troubled with them another time. — M. See Bow the Letter.

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