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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​l|Definitions under L]]
 +====== Letter Hangs ======
 +If the [[c:​compositor|compositor]] has been careless in emptying his [[c:​composing-stick|composing stick]], so as to set the letter loosely down in the [[g:​galley|galley]],​ and they stand not perfectly square and upright, the //Letter Hangs//: or if after overrunning on the [[c:​correcting-stone|correcting stone]] he has not set his letter in a square position again, before he locks up (for we may suppose when the pages are opened the letter stands loose, and more or less out of square), so then, the matter standing thus out of square, is said to //Hang//. — //​M//​. ​