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 +====== Lug ======
 +When [[b:​balls|balls]] stick together in distributing they are said to lug; they then diffuse the [[i:​ink|ink]] more equally and thinly on the surface, and make better work: they also retain on their surface particles of dust, or other small substances, and do not part with them to the letter in the form, which is a great advantage. Composition Balls, when too soft, will lug so much in distributing as to tear the composition and spoil the ball; when this is the case, they require to be placed in a dry situation for a short time, and exposed to a draught of air, which evaporates the superfluous moisture, and brings them into good condition; when time cannot be allowed for this mode of cure, sponging the surface with spirits of turpentine will promote the evaporation,​ and be of great service. //See// [[f:​flaring-balls|Flaring Balls]]. ​