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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​l|Definitions under L]]
 +====== Lye Trough ======
 +<WRAP right centeralign bottom>​{{:​l:​lye-trough.png?​direct|Lye Trough}}\\
 +Lye Trough <wrap magnify>​[[http://​​img/​lye-trough-large.png|{{:​wiki:​magnify.png|Enlarge}}]]</​wrap></​WRAP>​
 +The [[l:​lye|lye]] trough is square and shallow, lined with lead, and its upper edge is bound with iron to preserve it from injury, which would otherwise arise from concussion when a [[f:​form|form]] is lifted into it; there is also a loose board laid in it for, the protection of the bottom. It is suspended on a frame by two centres, as here represented. ​
 +There is always some lye kept in this trough; and when a form has been worked off, it is laid in it, and the [[i:​ink|ink]] is brushed from the face of the letter, the furniture, and [[c:​chase|chase]] with the lye, previous to rinsing it with water. It is usually made capable of containing a royal chase. ​
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​