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Page Paper

Stout paper cut up to the proper size, on which to place pages, till they are wanted to be imposed.

The wrappers that come round bundles of paper are generally used, for which the compositor applies to the warehouseman, who when he has no wrappers, gives some of the stoutest waste paper that he has; when it is not strong enough single the compositor uses it double. Page papers are cut longer than a page of the work they are for, and should be about an inch and a half broader than the width of the page and turned up to the sides of it, so that when the compositor has occasion to move his pages, he takes hold of both sides with one hand including the sides of the page paper which supports the bottom of the page.

Except the page papers be very stout, it would be running a risk to place large quarto pages on them: in this case it will be better to keep them on slices.

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