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When a page is broken, those broken letters are called pie. See Broken Letters. — M. We now call it Pie when the letters are all mixed indiscriminately together.

It is equally the interest of the employer and the workman to prevent the accumulation of pie in a printing office, for it swallows up useful sorts, to the delay, loss, and disappointment of both parties; and if a strict method be not enforced to prevent its increase, a master may be continually casting sorts; and at last it becomes an Herculean task to clear it away. No receptacle for it should ever be accessible to the workmen; and no types should ever be put into the waste metal box but by the person who has the care of the materials, that be may be enabled to prevent any abuse of this kind; for it is too common a practice, both for boys and men, when an accident happens, to throw a great part of the pie into the waste metal box, to save themselves the trouble of distributing it.

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