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Pile of Printed Paper

During the progress of printing a work, the sheets are, after being dried, placed in piles, generally resting against a wall of the building.

When the sheets are taken down dry from the poles, they are knocked up even, and piled against a wall generally, upon a stage to keep the bottom of the pile out of the way of harm, or, in want of a stage, upon some wrappers and waste paper to keep the bottom sheets from the floor, one wrapper always placed so as to project and turn over about a ream of paper, and turned into the heap, to preserve the edges clean, the first signature being always at the bottom, and the following ones piled in consecutive order upon it; between each signature a label is inserted in front, with the name of the work and the signature. What are called tops are placed on the pile, and some waste paper, to preserve the top sheets from dust and other matters that might soil them. It is usual to place the bottom a few inches from, and to gradually incline it to, the wall, so that the upper part may rest against it: this causes the pile to stand firmer than it would do if piled perpendicularly.

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