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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​p|Definitions under P]]
 +====== Plane Down ======
 +To make the face of all the [[t:​types|types]] in a [[f:​form|form]] even, by passing the face of the [[p:​planer|planer]] over them, and striking the back of it with a mallet. ​
 +When the [[q:​quoins|quoins]] are pushed up with the fingers, previous to locking the form up, I would plane it down gently, striking the back of the planer with the side of my doubled hand, lifting the planer a little up each time it is advanced; after the quoins are tightened round the form, I would plane it down again gently with the mallet; and finally with firmer blows after it is locked up; always lifting the planer clear of the form at every advance that is made with it; if any thing be under the form, it will be perceived when you plane down with the hand; that part should be omitted being struck upon; and when the form is locked up it ought to be lifted, the substance that is under it taken away, the form then laid down again, the quoins of that quarter slackened, and planed down: but types that stand up from any cause should never be planed down while tightly locked up, as it is almost a certainty that they will be destroyed. ​