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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​q|Definitions under Q]]
 +====== Quadrats ======
 +Pieces of type metal, of the depth of the body of the respective sizes to which they are cast, and lower than types, so as to leave a blank space on the paper, when printed, where they are placed: an en quadrat is half as thick as its depth; an em quadrat is equal in thickness and depth, and, being square on its surface, is //the// true quadrat, from //​quadratus//,​ squared; a two em quadrat is twice the thickness of its depth; a three em three times; and a four em four times, as their names specify. Four ems are the largest quadrats that are cast. They are used to fill out short lines; to form white lines; and to justify letters, figures, &c., in any part of a line or page. 
 +Four em quadrats are rarely cast larger than [[p:​pica|Pica]];​ English and Great Primer do not exceed three ems; nor does [[d:​double-pica|Double Pica]] exceed two ems.