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There are various references used for notes, according to the fancy of the author, or the master printer; where they are not numerous in a page, the common references are generally used, in this order — *, † , ‡ , §, ||, ¶ , and where there are more than six notes in a page, two of each reference are put to a note; but this is looked upon as having an unsightly appearance.

Italick lower case letters are sometimes used, enclosed between parentheses (a), and sometimes figures (1); the letters, when they are used, are often continued through the alphabet, and then commence again with (a).

The most usual references, and which are esteemed the neatest, are superiors, both letters and figures; where the notes are at the foot of the page, letters are most frequently used, sometimes going through the alphabet, and sometimes commencing with a in each page in which notes occur: where the notes are placed at the end of the volume, figures with 1 2 are nearly always adopted, in regular succession.

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