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Is a sort of furniture of an equal thickness all its length. It is quadrat high, of several thicknesses, viz. Nonpareil, Brevier, Long Primer, Pica, &c. thick. — M.

Reglet and all other furniture, except side and foot sticks, are made in lengths of three feet each, and are always styled a yard of reglet, a yard of broad, &c.; the use of reglet is to branch out titles, jobs, and other matter, to economise the use of quadrats: it is preferable to quadrats for this purpose, it keeping the lines more even; for different founts of the same size being often mixed, and the quadrats frequently battered, are not so true as a piece of reglet, which I would always have put next to a line of capitals; it is also used in making margin.

The thinnest reglet used is called card reglet, a substitute for scaleboard; the regular sizes commence with Pearl and go up to Two Lines Great Primer, with the exception of Ruby, Minion, Bourgeois, Small Pica, English, Paragon, and Two Lines Pica, which are sizes not used.

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