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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​r|Definitions under R]]
 +====== Rinse the Form ======
 +Laying up the [[f:​form|form]],​ and washing the lye and ink away to make the letter clean. — //M//, This is always done by 
 +the pressman as soon as a form is off; he takes it to the lye trough, and brushes the ink from off the face of the letter, the [[f:​furniture|furniture]],​ and [[c:​chase|chase]],​ with the lye brush and lye; he then lifts it out of the trough and sets it on its edge, resting against the side of the trough or against some other support, and rinses it well with water, to wash away the lye and the ink it has dissolved, and thus leaves the face of the letter, the furniture, and the chase clean, ready for the [[c:​compositor|compositor]] to lay up preparatory to distributing. — //See// [[l:​lay-up|Lay up]].