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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​r|Definitions under R]]
 +====== Rinsing Trough ======
 +<WRAP right centeralign>​
 +{{:​r:​rinsing-trough.png?​direct|A Rinsing Trough}}\\
 +A Rinsing Trough <wrap magnify>​[[http://​​img/​rinsing-trough-large.png|{{:​wiki:​magnify.png|Enlarge}}]]</​wrap>​
 +The trough forms are rinsed in. — //M//. It is two troughs combined in one; the smallest and deepest is for the water, and in some offices has an iron ladle chained to the near upper corner, to prevent its being displaced; the shallow part is used to [[l:​lay-up|lay up]] forms in; they are both lined with lead, and the shallow one has a loose deal bottom to preserve the lead, and in general is bound with iron, particularly at the front, to prevent the edge of a [[c:​chase|chase]],​ when being lifted upon the [[l:​letter-board|letter board]], from cutting the lead; they both have an opening with a short pipe at the bottom to convey away the water; that in the water trough having a brass plug in it, for the convenience of letting the water off to clean it out. They stand on a frame, which is usually placed in a platform raised at the edges a few inches, lined with lead, styled the sink, with a loose bottom of boards, which leads into a pipe for drainage. ​