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 +====== Ruby ======
 +The name of a type, the next in size larger than [[p:​pearl|Pearl]] and smaller than [[n:​nonpareil|Nonpareil]];​ it is half a [[s:​small-pica|Small Pica]]. Mr. Hansard, in his " Typographia,"​ gives the following account of its origin and name: — "It was, in fact, originally a Nonpareil with short ascenders and descenders, cast on a smaller body, or sometimes a Pearl, on a larger, to look open; but now some founders have a distinct specimen for this size. This name has but very lately been adopted in the type-founders'​ specimens, but some years ago it was found, by the writer of this, absolutely necessary to give some distinguishing appellation to this size, as the letter-founders had given him one-nick Pearls of two bodies, viz. one fount half Small Pica, another half [[l:​long-primer|Long Primer]]; the mistakes arising from this circumstance in a house much in the habit of using small type occasioned the expedient of inventing a new name, and as the neighbouring sizes were called Pearl and [[d:​diamond|Diamond]],​ it seemed not very inapplicable to take the name of Ruby." ​