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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​r|Definitions under R]]
 +====== Ruck ======
 +In printing at machines, the paper, particularly if it be soft and not flat, in travelling round the cylinders frequently wrinkles; this is termed //​Rucking//,​ or the// Paper Rucks//, or the //Paper is Rucked//; when this takes place, the sheets may be looked on as spoiled when it is for [[b:​books|book]] work: the best preventative is to press the wet paper well in a powerful press for an hour or two, with small quantities between the boards, just before it goes to the machine. I would not recommend more than five [[q:​quire|quires]] in each portion, although I am aware that a [[r:​ream|ream]] is generally put in; but the smaller the quantity between each two boards the flatter the paper will be, and less likely to ruck.