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 +<< [[contents:​index| Dictionary Index]] << [[contents:​r|Definitions under R]]
 +====== Rules And Regulations ======
 +Proper to be observed in a Printing Office. ​
 +//​Compositors//​. ​
 +  - [[c:​compositor|Compositors]] to receive their [[c:​case|cases]] from the [[o:​overseer|Overseer]],​ or other person appointed by him, free from all [[p:​pie|pie]],​ or other heterogeneous matter, with clean [[q:​quadrats|quadrat]] and space boxes to both roman and italic, which they are to return to him in the same clean state. ​
 +  - When a Compositor receives letter,​[[f:​furniture| furniture]],​ &c. from the Overseer, he is to return what he does not use, in a satisfactory state.
 +  - Compositors to impose their matter when desired by the Employer or Overseer; and the same for [[p:​proof|proofs]] that are desired to be corrected; unless in either case it shall appear that all the stones are engaged.
 +  - When the Compositor imposes from a form, he is directly to tie up the pages of loose matter.
 +  - Forms, immediately after they are imposed, to be carried to the [[p:​proof-press|proof press]]; and the proofs, when pulled, to be given to the [[r:​reader|Reader]],​ or carried into the reading closet, with, if a [[f:​first-proof|first proof]], the copy, and, if a second, the [[f:​foul-proof|foul proof]].
 +  - No Compositor shall leave a [[f:​foul-stone|foul stone]], of letter, furniture, &c.
 +  - No Compositor to detain an [[i:​imposing-stone|imposing stone]] longer than the nature of the business may require.
 +  - When any cases are taken out of the [[r:​racks|racks]],​ the Compositor is to return them into their proper place immediately after he has done with the same.
 +  - No cases to be placed over others, or under the [[f:​frame|frames]].
 +  - [[g:​galley|Galleys]] with head lines, or other useful materials used during the course of a piece of work, to be cleared at furthest the day after the work is all completely at press.
 +  - When a work is finishing, the Compositor or Compositors concerned shall, as the forms are finally worked, clear them away; taking from them the [[h:​head-line|head lines]], white lines, and [[d:​direction-line|direction lines]], as also the [[l:​leads|leads]] and [[r:​reglet|reglets]],​ which, with the furniture of each sheet, the matter being properly tied up for papering, are to be given, to the Overseer, or any person he may appoint.
 +  - Sweepings of frames to be cleared away before one o'​clock every day. Matter broken by accident to be cleared away on the same day.
 +  - No Compositor to mix two separate founts, without an express order from the Overseer.
 +  - When a Compositor carries his form down for press, he is not to put two forms together without a partition between them.
 +  - The [[s:​saw|saw]],​ [[s:​saw-block|saw block]],​[[b:​bowl| bowl]], [[s:​sponge|sponge]],​ [[l:​letter-brush|letter brush]], [[s:​shears|shears]],​ bellows, &c., to be returned to their respective places as soon as done with.
 +  - No person to take a candlestick,​[[b:​bodkin| bodkin]], snuffers, [[c:​composing-stick|composing stick]], &c., not his own, without permission of the owner.
 +  - No person to misplace cases in the [[r:​racks|rack]],​ or take an upper without the [[l:​lower-case|lower case]], or vice versa.
 +  - Pie of any sort, on boards, windows, frames, &c., to be cleared after five minutes notice.
 +  - No person to take [[s:​sorts|sorts]] from the frames or cases of another without leave; nor to hoard useful sorts, not immediately wanting them.
 +  - No person (except the Master or Overseer) to call off the errand boy while he is sweeping his rooms.
 +  - No candle to be left by any one, except in charge of some proper person; and the boundaries of the office to be considered, in all cases, the open air.
 +  - [[j:​job|Jobs]] to be cleared away immediately after notice having been given by the Overseer.
 +  - These regulations,​ in cases of extreme hurry of business, by leave from the Master or Overseer, may be suspended; but, when that has ceased, to be immediately resumed.
 +  - No Compositor to [[t:​throw|throw]] for money or liquor.
 +  - Not to throw letters, quadrats, [[q:​quoins|quoins]],​ or furniture at each other. ​
 +//​Pressmen//​. ​
 +  - All proofs to be pulled within five minutes after notice, by the Pressmen who are in proofs.
 +  - Immediately after pulling a proof, the Pressmen to rub over the forms and chases with a [[l:​lye-brush|lye brush]], and place them against the Compositor'​s frame to whom they belong, where they are to leave the proof.
 +  - Not to work without a figure unless particularly ordered.
 +  - As soon as a form is wrought off, the pressman to carry it to the[[l:​lye-trough| lye trough]], and there completely rub it over with [[l:​lye|lye]],​ rinse it, and then carry it to the wrought-off place, or to the end of the Compositor'​s frame it belongs to.
 +  - Not to leave the lye jar uncovered. ​
 +These rules may be varied to suit the business of the office in which they may be adopted, or the size of the establishment;​ in practice it will be found essentially necessary to have established rules and regulations,​ that the business may be carried on with method and good order. Rules. //See// [[b:​brass-rules|Brass Rule]]. [[m:​metal-rules|Metal Rules]]. ​