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Spanish (1)

Ñ has a peculiar nasal sound, like the French gn: the English have no sound like it, except in the last four letters of the word minion, which bear some resemblance to the last three of the word riñion, in Spanish: as niño, piña.

The note of interrogation is not only used at the conclusion of an interrogatory, but also placed, inverted, at the beginning, in order to warn the reader, unless the preceding words convey a sufficient warning; as ¿ Que es lo que vm. acostumbra ? preguntó al enfermo.

The note of admiration is also inverted at the beginning of ejaculations, when the preceding words are not sufficient to prepare the reader; as ¡ Pastas dukes y viandas suculentas ! exclamó suspense y admirado el doctor. — M 'Henry's Grammar.

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