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The Swedish Alphabet consists of twenty-eight letters.

Name and Figure Power
A A a sounds like the English a in psalm.
B B b be
C C c ce
D D d de
E E e has a sound between the slender a and the e, or as it is
commonly pronounced in the article the, de.
F F f f
G G g ge
H H h ho
I I i sounds like the English ee in bee, bi.
J longt i (i. e. long i)
K K k ko
L L l l
M M m m
N N n n
O O o (the Greek ω) sounds nearest to the narrow oo in rood.
P P p pe
Q Q q koo
R R r err
S S s s
T T t te
U U u sounds like the English u in ruin.
V V v ve
W W w
X X x ex
Y Y y sounds like the French u in une, syn, sight.
Z Z z satah
Å Å å sounds like the English o in long, lång.
AE Swedish AE ae Swedish fraktur* sounds like the English a in name, nämna.
OE Swedish OE oe Swedish fraktur*

(View this table as image: Swedish alphabet)

The order they here stand in is that of the Swedish Alphabet.

* These letters in the Roman characters are Ä and Ö.
The Swedish language has no diphthongs. When two vowels occur together, they must both be heard, as bēēdiga, brōār. — Brunnmark's Swedish Grammar. London, 1805.

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